Scaled Partner Management Exam

  1. Which of following Ad Manager “target window options” will make ads open in new window?
  2. Which of the following Ad Manager terms describes the process to set up and manage ad campaigns by creating orders, line items, and creatives, and then targeting them?
  3. To run a new campaign through Ad Manager, you will first need to create a(n) _____________.
  4. With Dynamic Allocation enabled, which of the following line items will serve?
  5. Violation of the Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines could lead to the suspension of the publisher’s account.
  6. One of the most important optimizations a publisher can do is to have at least one ad unit above the fold.
  7. One domain cannot be classified to more than one child publisher.
  8. Which ad size performs best when it is placed within an app’s text or other content, usually appearing after the user has scrolled below the fold?
  9. A temporary CPM ____________.
  10. What account capabilities are available with your Mobile In-App inventory? Select all that apply.
  11. Which of the following are ‘Mobile Inventory’ report dimensions? (select all that apply)
  12. A Preferred Deal is a feature that allows Ad Manager sellers to offer inventory to buyers at a fixed, pre-negotiated price before the inventory is made available to other buyers in the general auction.
  13. (True or False) In a Private Auction, you’re able to set minimum CPMs for different buyers.
  14. After you create a new line item in a Ad Manager order, a creative set must be added. If the video player you’re using is not integrated with Google’s IMA SDK, which creative set type must be used?
  15. To use the dynamic allocation feature in Ad Manager, AdSense and/or Ad Manager backfill must be enabled.
  16. According to this Ad Manager video ad tag, which video ad type is being targeted? 0435163184&slotname=8487431944&ad_type=skippablevideo_text_image_fl ash&
  17. Ad Manager program guidelines allow up to __ display ads per page on a desktop website.
  18. After 30 days of becoming an Ad Manager NPM partner, ad requests from unclassified domains will not deliver any ads.
  19. Which of the following does not comply with the Scaled Partner Management policy?
  20. Which of the following is NOT an example of a sensitive category found in Protections?
  21. A publisher wants to increase the number of users that become loyal and return to the site regularly. Which of the following would NOT help them achieve this goal?
  22. It’s commonly seen that wider ad sizes outperform their taller counterparts, due to their reader-friendly format.
  23. When using dynamic allocation, Ad Manager selects the best line item that can serve to the impression by comparing their CPCs (cost-per-click).
  24. For buyers, your Publisher Profile will be associated with all of the following except …
  25. When creating a new video ad tag, which “Technology” option would you select if your video player is integrated with Google’s IMA SDK?
  26. Which of the following is correct?
  27. A Channel with a semi-transparent branding type will reveal the Publisher ID to potential buyers in a bid request.
  28. If your video player is not integrated with Google’s IMA SDK, the following Ad Manager line item priority types are available to use except …
  29. In order to show ads for your Mobile In-App inventory, what must be implemented into your app?
  30. Estimated revenue is the exact amount a publisher will be paid in the next eligible payments cycle.
  31. Which Standard Instream ad position might be compared to a commercial, meaning the ad will show at some point between when the feature video starts playing and before it ends?
  32. In Ad Manager, Google collects payments from buyers and pays the seller, but does not take on the collection risk. Therefore if Google does not collect from the buyer, the seller will not get paid.
  33. From which section of the Reports > Queries tab can you find pre-made queries from Google, relevant to your Mobile inventory?
  34. Above-the-fold ads that are placed at the very top of the page have a higher viewability rate than those placed just below the top navigation bar.
  35. (True or False) A Private Auction is no different from the Open Auction.
  36. A publisher is looking for ways to increase their revenue. All of the following are appropriate actions to consider, except ________.
  37. The following describes the Ad Manager Marketplace, except ________________.
  38. A publisher has a text-only leaderboard on top of a page, and a text-only small square ad slot within the content of that page. The small square ad slot has a higher a CTR, but the leaderboard has high CPCs. Is there anything the publisher can do to try and increase their earnings? Select all that apply.
  39. When creating ad units, which ad type should publishers choose to maximize revenue and why?
  40. A publisher runs a site focused on finding housing options for adult professionals. This publisher is considering blocking the entire “real estate” category to avoid advertising for any competitors. How might this action affect the publisher’s revenue?