Campaign Manager Certification Assessment

  1. Audience lists created in Campaign Manager can be automatically shared with which linked applications? (select three)
  2. What object in Campaign Manager is equivalent to a creative in Display & Video 360?
  3. Which conditions must be true in order to designate an advertiser as a “child”?
  4. The “DCM/DFA Trafficking and Reporting API” can directly accomplish which two tasks? (select two)
  5. When dynamic display creatives are published from Studio, what creative type is set in Campaign Manager?
  6. To link a Display & Video 360 advertiser, what initial step must be taken in Campaign Manager?
  7. What cost model only calculates cost for impressions measured as viewable by Active View?
  8. Where are Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 linked?
  9. When the primary HTML5 assets get delayed, what will serve in a user’s browser as it’s loading?
  10. When would a VPAID asset be used?
  11. For Floodlight tags to properly attribute in-app conversions, what needs to happen within the app?
  12. What happens when a user meets the frequency cap for an ad?
  13. If an Agency Trafficker can only see a subset of active campaigns within their account view, where would a Agency Admin go to adjust access to all campaigns?
  14. Which information can be extracted from the data in the Verification tab? (select two)
  15. What does an “execution channel” represent in the Planning process?
  16. What targeting rules display an ad to users who have viewed a product, but not purchased it?
  17. What attribution model uses Floodlight data from both attributed and non-attributed conversions?
  18. In which two tags can the keyword macro (%k) be added? (select two)
  19. In a Path to Conversion report, when a user selects to “Pivot On Interaction Path,” what are two major differences from the unpivoted report? (select two)
  20. What is required to track mobile app conversions using Floodlight tags?
  21. Cross-environment conversion methodology takes into account what data sources?
  22. What data is provided in Video Verification?
  23. What timezone is used in Data Transfer (DT) timestamps for impression and click files?
  24. What report shows how long it takes for a customer to convert after interacting with an ad?
  25. What ad setting limits the number of times that ad can be shown to a particular user?
  26. When a Top Conversion Paths report shows that most users enter the purchase cycle with a rich media interaction, what action can be taken to optimize the campaign?
  27. When using a placement media cost cap, what will happen once the cap is reached?
  28. What feature can be used to combine log-level impression and click data for a custom reach analysis?
  29. Which functionalities are available to manage conversion data using the API? (select two)
  30. At what level can landing pages be managed across campaigns?
  31. When a “plan” is executed in Planning, what information is pushed to Campaign Manager?
  32. When is an impression counted in Reporting?
  33. What action must occur for a team member to get access to Data Transfer files in Google Cloud Storage?
  34. What account structure should be used to share Floodlight tags and audience lists between multiple Advertisers?
  35. In the Insights tab in Reporting, which two cards show a snapshot of performance? (select two)
  36. Which metric is NOT available in Data Transfer?
  37. Where would purchased inventory for a campaign be entered in Campaign Manager?
  38. What is the limit to retrieve log data from a Data Transfer Google Bucket?
  39. Which three workflows can be used to make bulk edits? (select three)
  40. What Floodlight conversion counting method would report the first visit for each user within a given day?
  41. What report tracks Floodlight attribution in Reporting?
  42. Unless default ads are disabled, what campaign trafficking action triggers the automatic creation of a default ad for display placements?
  43. What HTML elements of a Floodlight tag’s iFrame code identify the unique activity?
  44. Which two methods count impressions on site-served creatives? (select two)
  45. Where in Campaign Manager can the Site ID(s) required to push placements to Display & Video 360 be found?
  46. What are two benefits of using the INS tag? (select two)
  47. What report in Report Builder shows the number of unique users who have interacted with ads?
  48. Paid search dimensions in Report Builder are compatible with what metric?
  49. What is the more cost-effective way to restrict ads served to a specific geographic region?
  50. What are three benefits of using Internal Redirect tags? (select three)
  51. What settings are required to give a user reporting access for a single advertiser?
  52. Which two tabs in Reporting provide access to viewability data? (select two)
  53. To set ad status to “active,” which two objects must be assigned to an ad?
  54. What section within a Floodlight activity’s settings allows users to add publisher tracking tags?
  55. What Floodlight feature can be used to create a custom audience list that targets customers who purchased a specific product or service?
  56. What counting method tracks the number of sales made or items purchased?
  57. Agency Admin, Agency Trafficker, and Site Trafficker are examples of what?
  58. What level is used to calculate conversions if the lookback window differs between objects?
  59. If a publisher serves a placement tag after the campaign end date, what ad will serve?
  60. At what level can landing pages be set, so they are the same across multiple ads?
  61. What ad setting ensures a qualified user will always be served a city-targeted ad first over a country-targeted ad when both ads are assigned to the same placement?
  62. What must a Floodlight tag include to capture product data alongside a conversion?
  63. What action can be taken to select which columns appear in the trafficking interface?
  64. When assets are added to an existing creative, where will these updates be reflected?
  65. What are two Video Verification metrics? (select two)
  66. The Insights tab in Reporting shows the view performance against which three goals? (select three)
  67. Counters and Total Interactions metrics are available for which type of creatives?
  68. Which two features may be used to log additional information about a click? (select two)
  69. Which two methods measure impressions served in a mobile app? (select two)