How To Maximize Your Marketing With The YouTube Booster Effect

by Lou Bortone YouTube has changed the online landscape and dominates the web, with more than 1 billion unique users each month. Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and YouTube now reaches more US adults ages 18 – 34 than any cable network. Just to put that into perspective, if […]

Kindle This – WordPress Plugin [video]

Guest Post by Kim Doyal I was surprised when I checked out the plugin directory and only found a handful of Kindle plugins. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I feel like I’m a little late to the game when it comes to jumping into Kindle (both reading with it on an […]

Quit Herding Cats – Teleseminar Scheduling Made Simple [video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA Scheduling teleseminars with guest experts and interview hosts is like herding cats! The back and forth of finding mutually convenient days and times to record a teleseminar or run a webinar drives me crazy. So as a digital publisher who primarily creates content via teleseminar and webinar, I’m forever grateful for […]

EBook Publishing: 5 Ways to Repurpose Your eBook Content for More Exposure and More Sales – Part 2

by Kristen Eckstein In Part 1 of this article series on ebook publishing, I showed you two powerful ways you can repurpose your eBook’s content to give you more exposure as an expert, more sales, a bigger list and a stronger author platform. To recap, repurposing is when you take content you’ve already written (such as […]

EBook Publishing: 5 Ways to Repurpose Your eBook Content for More Exposure and More Sales – Part 1

by Kristen Eckstein One of the most overlooked sources of income and marketing is repurposing. Your published eBook is full of content waiting to be used for other things that will give you more exposure as an expert and result in more sales of your eBook and other products and services. All this sounds great, […]

How to Save Time and Money on Editing

by Lynne Klippel A professional editor is an author’s best friend.  When you are publishing digital content, it’s imperative the words you publish are accurate and clearly written.  Readers make assumptions about you and your business by the quality of your writing.  If your article or book looks sloppy and unprofessional, your readers will assume […]

3 Ways To Generate Revenue with Your eBooks

by Kathleen Gage When it comes to writing a book, there are those who write simply for the pleasure of writing, those who write to make money and those who write for both the pleasure and profit. It may seem like all authors want to make a profit, but this is not always the case. […]

60+ Ideas for How To Be A Creative Thought Leader – Cool PREZI Included!

by Laura West Being recognized as a Creative Thought Leader in your niche takes you from being “just another expert to expert” to being someone who really stands out. I can deliver marketing formulas (or what I call marketing prescriptions) all day long.  But it’s not enough to just “do marketing” – you want to […]

How to Stay Motivated to Write Consistently and Produce Content

by Marnie Pehrson Do you struggle with writing consistently? Does the thought of content creation make you feel heavy and overwhelmed? Creating content is a lot like eating healthy or exercising. It works best when it’s a way of life and not a sudden push to fit into a smaller dress size for your twentieth […]

Become Famous Like Oprah. Publish Collaborative Blog Posts.

by Nicole Dean One of the best things that I’ve done in the history of my online business is to collaborate with my “competition”. Why would I want to do such a thing? The answer is simple, really. My friends and I all reach a similar audience. Plus, if we are in a profitable market […]