Doubleclick Studio Assessment

  1. Which audience lists work for data pass dynamic targeting using DoubleClick Studio and Bid Manager?
  2. How can a travel advertiser capture flights that users search for using Floodlight tags, in order to deliver a tailored message in the future?
  3. How can you check that the geo-targeting feed names are formatted correctly?
  4. Which issue is prohibited by DoubleClick Studio, and will cause an HTML5 creative to fail QA?
  5. KidApparel’s dynamic ads have hundreds of iterations that change based on the products their customers viewed on their site. What can the team developing their feed do to help them interpret the performance data for each ad?
  6. Roland helps build some of his team’s creative. He also advises on technical requirements for the creative. What role does he play on his team?
  7. Which tool is used to populate data into a dynamic feed template?
  8. What’s the quickest way to preview, save, and share a dynamic ad containing dozens of iterations with others, using DoubleClick Studio?
  9. An analytics team wants to measure the amount of time between an ad expansion and a call-to-action click. Which tracker can they apply in Studio to get this data?
  10. After publishing an ad in Google Web Designer, how can the graphics files be accessed in DoubleClick Studio?
  11. Amanda is preparing a tearsheet of her dynamic ad to send for review. Several reviewers are outside of her agency and do not have access to the DoubleClick Studio account. What share setting should Amanda choose?
  12. Which reporting dimension represents the dynamic feed’s reporting label in a Floodlight report?
  13. What kind of data would be used to target ads to people who have recently searched for information about soccer matches?
  14. What is a digital brief?
  15. A dynamic ad plays a video when it’s clicked. What tool on the creative preview can be used to verify this action occurs?
  16. Which column(s) assigned to the dynamic profile allow dynamic content to change on specific dates?
  17. A retail advertiser wants to reach users who have visited their store locator page. What type of targeting will deliver the right creative to this audience?
  18. Eduardo is building a new HTML5 creative in Google Web Designer. How can he ensure that it will work with Studio?
  19. In Google Web Designer, which UI panel is used to bind the elements in a creative shell with the data from the dynamic feed?
  20. Which tool enables the development, QA, and publishing of rich media and dynamic creatives?
  21. What action ensures that the dynamic feed can be imported into Studio’s dynamic profile?