Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 Assessment

  1. Which of the following features are only available for Analytics 360 properties? (select three)
  2. Which feature is unique to Roll-Up Reporting Properties
  3. Which features need to be configured within the views of your new Roll-Up Property? (select three)
  4. Which of the following statements about Custom Funnels are true? (select three)
  5. In the custom funnel below, what was the percentage of users who left the funnel between stage 1 and stage 2?
  6. When does sampling occur in Analytics 360 reports?
  7. What would indicate that your report has exceeded its row limit?
  8. What is a key benefit of Custom Tables when compared to Unsampled Reports?
  9. What is BigQuery?
  10. Which of the following are benefits of using BigQuery to analyze your Analytics 360 data? (select three)
  11. What reporting objectives can be accomplished in BigQuery but not within the Google Analytics interface? (select two)
  12. What needs to be created before completing the BigQuery integration with Analytics 360?
  13. Using the BigQuery Export schema, which of the following fields are available in BigQuery?
  14. Why would dbm / cpm sessions reported in the All Traffic > Source/Medium report differ from the number of sessions reported in the Acquisition > Google Marketing Platform > Display & Video 360 reports? (select two)
  15. The All Traffic > Source/Medium report may be sampled while the Acquisition > Google Marketing Platform > Display & Video 360 reports are always unsampled
  16. Once integrated with Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360 or Search Ads 360, which types of conversions can be reported in the Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels reports? (select three)
  17. If your property is integrated with both Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager and auto-tagging is enabled, what will be the source/medium for sessions from Display & Video 360?
  18. A user sees one of your Campaign Manager ads. The next day, the user navigates to your site through an email campaign. How would their session be reported in the Campaign Manager > Campaigns report?
  19. Which of the following are reasons you would expect discrepancies between Campaign Manager Clicks and Campaign Manager Click-Through Sessions in Google Analytics? (select three)
  20. Which report would you use to understand how Display interactions across the full purchase path contribute to conversions?
  21. Once integrated with Campaign Manager, where can you use Campaign Manager dimensions within Google Analytics? (select three)
  22. In the Acquisition > Google Marketing Platform > Campaign Manager > Campaigns report, which metric group would you select to see Google Analytics sessions side-by-side with Campaign Manager impressions and clicks?
  23. Which of the following are benefits of using auto-tagging with your Campaign Manager integration? (select three)
  24. If you prefer to see your manual tag values for your Campaign Manager traffic, what feature would you edit in Google Analytics?
  25. Assuming we are using standard Default Channel Grouping definitions and DCLID auto-tagging, which channel will include sessions from Display & Video 360?
  26. Once integrated with Display & Video 360, where can you find the Display & Video 360 reports within Analytics 360?
  27. Which of the following can you use within a single Custom Report? (select two)
  28. How can you create Audiences in Google Analytics based on Display & Video 360 dimensions? (select two)
  29. Which of the following can be done with the Display & Video 360 integration? (select three)
  30. Which of the following are benefits of the Search Ads 360 reporting integration? (select three)
  31. Auto-tagging will ensure that traffic from your Search Ads 360 ads is consistently included in which Default Channel Grouping?
  32. Which of the following are used to calculate ROAS? (select two)
  33. If you want to identify generic keywords that are driving high site engagement, which Search Ads 360 report and metric would you view? (select two)
  34. Which set of reports would you use to view granular Google Ads dimensions such as Sitelinks, Bid Adjustments and Search Queries?