HubSpot Contextual Marketing Assessment

  1. How does contextual marketing help you create a good user experience?
  2. Contextual marketing is used in which stage of the Inbound Methodology?
  3. Which of the following is NOT a way that contextual marketing can help to increase conversion rates?
  4. True or false? Dynamic content consists of entirely randomized content.
  5. Your colleague Shane wants to add contextual marketing to all of your company’s landing pages by the end of this month. You respond by telling Shane that this isn’t a recommended approach because:
  6. How can contextual marketing help to make your website more accessible for your visitors?
  7. You begin to optimize your website content for search engines and visitors alike. Which stage of the buyer’s journey should this content be for?
  8. Your customer Nina is returning to your website. Which messaging option would be the most helpful to Nina?
  9. How can you avoid confusing or frightening your visitors when creating contextual marketing?
  10. True or false? You want to promote a new content offer to customers that visit your Services page. This can be accomplished using smart content.
  11. The most important purpose of a website with a good user experience is:
  12. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics a website must have in order to create a good user experience?
  13. How can you ensure that the content on your website will be helpful for your users?
  14. How many common user questions should each page attempt to answer at one time?
  15. At which stage of the Buyer’s Journey is a user most likely to be if she is spending time on your products page?
  16. Which of the following is NOT a reason to have consistency from page-to-page?
  17. You offer a free trial on your products page. Which of the following would be appropriate wording for the same offer on your blog CTA?
  18. When designing your navigation, your primary objective should be to include keywords for search engines.
  19. Where do you want to place a navigation menu?
  20. What are the two types of main navigation menu structure?
  21. What do you learn from a content audit?
  22. Why is a content audit useful?
  23. Which is NOT a reason to do usability testing?
  24. How can you ensure that you’re recruiting the right users for usability testing?
  25. Your boss, Sam, has approved for you to conduct a usability test on your company’s website. Your next step is to design the test. All of the following are important for the test’s success EXCEPT:
  26. Jana has offered to conduct a card-sort to help with user testing for your company’s new website. What is Jana hoping to determine with a card-sort?
  27. How can you ensure that your website stays visually consistent?
  28. It’s time for your monthly website performance review. Your colleague Jana has pulled the numbers and finds that your homepage has a 70% bounce rate. Is this a good rate?
  29. True or false? Holding interviews with your colleagues and boss is an action to take when redesigning the user experience.
  30. How do personalization tokens differ from smart text created in HubSpot?
  31. True or false? You can use personalization tokens in email subject lines.
  32. Your colleague Jana would like to add a personalization token to a landing page that offers “10 Tips to Generate More Leads.” She would like to add the Company Name property in order to connect with the user, showing that this ebook would be helpful to the individual’s company. How would you respond to Jana?
  33. True or false? You can use custom contact properties you’ve created for forms as personalization tokens.
  34. In order to successfully use personalization, you need to review your contacts database and ensure all of the following EXCEPT:
  35. What are two main reasons to use personalization?
  36. True or false? A personalization token has a default value set automatically.
  37. Sam, your boss at ABC Marketing Agency, wants users to feel more connected to your company. Sam suggests: “Add a personalization token to the home page that says ‘Welcome, first name.’ I know that we need personalized content.” How would you respond to Sam’s request?
  38. True or false? You must set up a smart list in order to segment users by country.
  39. When segmenting by lifecycle stage, what is the first thing to decide?
  40. True or false? When segmenting by buyer persona, focus on your newest persona first.
  41. Fill in the blank: Lifecycle stages allow you to categorize your users by _______.
  42. How is the geography of a visitor on your website determined?
  43. When a visitor’s location cannot be determined, which of the following rules is displayed?
  44. The ABC Marketing Agency has become an international business and you now need a Portuguese version of your website as soon as possible. Your boss Sam asks you to create the second website using smart content. Why is this not the best approach?
  45. True or false? You can display content variations to mobile, tablet or desktop users.
  46. All of the following are ways to improve the mobile experience for a website visitor EXCEPT:
  47. When using the context of a user’s mobile device type, which landing page element should be first evaluated for adding contextual marketing?
  48. The language of the user’s choice is set by:
  49. Your colleague Jana is building a campaign around the longtail keyword “landing page optimization services,” which is a service your company provides. What kind of segmentation should you use to add contextual marketing in order to help Jana have more of an impact on visitors?
  50. You are evaluating the bounce rate of your overall website traffic and find that users with a social media referral source have a higher bounce rate. Which user experience principle will help to keep social media visitors engaged on your website?
  51. An automated email that you send has a high click-through rate, but the landing page that it promotes has a low conversion rate. Which element would benefit most from contextual marketing?
  52. True or false? “Other campaigns” is a segmentation option used to manually segment contacts.
  53. True or false? You should always start creating a contextual marketing strategy by targeting your buyer personas.
  54. In order to begin with contextual marketing, you should determine the opportunities. Where should you start?
  55. Your colleague wants you to add contextual marketing to the landing page called “50 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid Checklist.” Which of the following is not an important factor to investigate before adding contextual marketing to the landing page?
  56. In evaluating your company’s blog posts from the past quarter, your boss Sam has identified that the post called “The Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing” as being a top-performing post. Sam wants to add contextual marketing to show different ‘ways to improve your marketing’ to different blog readers based on their lifecycle stage. Is this a good approach?
  57. Why is it important to map out the conversion path of a smart CTA for each segment?
  58. True or false? Most contextual marketing strategies are well-suited for refining the default content to align with a particular user segment’s needs.
  59. True or false? Personalization tokens work for first-time visitors for known things like their country location.
  60. Your colleague Jana wants to add contextual marketing to your organization’s homepage. She wants to target your company’s top buyer persona “Copywriter Charles.” What would you suggest for Jana to do next in planning a contextual marketing strategy?
  61. Which lifecycle stage should the default website content be geared towards?
  62. In order to create a good user experience, simplicity is an important consideration for the website’s appeal.
  63. What kind of users do you want to recruit for usability testing?
  64. Which is NOT a way to ensure that the results from usability testing are consistently reliable?
  65. You’re trying to build out a contextual marketing strategy at your company, but your boss is not seeing the value of it. How do you explain the benefit of personalization?
  66. Default content should be optimized for which group above all?
  67. Your marketing director at ABC Marketing Agency would like to set up an email campaign that will use personalization to reference a lead’s recent conversion. Is this possible?