Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment

  1. What user permissions do you need to add your colleague as a user to your advertiser’s account?
  2. You’re using the Audience Builder tool to create an audience list based on users who have engaged with historical campaigns. Since you’re targeting the same groups, you want to be able to prevent visitors from seeing your ads too many times. What feature could you use to do this?
  3. What’s the difference between Instant Reporting and a traditional report?
  4. You are contributing to the budget section in an advertiser’s media plan for some open auction video campaigns. You need some insights to inform the figures, such as overall unique reach for some given locations. Which feature would you use to achieve this?
  5. How would you best describe the functionality within the Audiences module?
  6. You’ve been added as a Creative user to an advertiser’s Display & Video 360 account. You’ve been asked to create a new high-format Flipbook ad with two variations for an upcoming campaign. What tool would you use to accomplish this task?
  7. Where would you navigate in Display & Video 360 to get quick insights into any unapproved creatives and information on your insertion orders, i.e., which ones are top pacing vs. under pacing?
  8. What is the new name for DoubleClick Bid Manager?
  9. You’ve browsed Marketplace and found some publisher inventory that matches your targeted age group and ad format for your prospective campaigns. But before you make a deal, you want to be able to discuss the price with the publisher. How would you do this?
  10. Which of the following statements best describes one function Display & Video 360 aims to help you do?
  11. What data-driven functionality in the Creatives module is available after you’ve created a set of, for example, Panorama format creatives?
  12. Why would you visit the Campaign module in Display and Video 360?
  13. Why would you navigate to the Brand Quality Hub?
  14. Choose the best statement to describe what the Creative module can help you do.
  15. Over time, which 4 products in Google Marketing Platform will have full convergence into Display & Video 360?
  16. How would you best describe the Spotlight section in Marketplace?
  17. Where would you go to get information about your campaigns’ health and suggestions for troubleshooting and optimizing live campaigns?