Klipfolio Expert Certification Exam

  1. Consider the following: You have a JSON datasource and you wish to select a node which has a number as a name. You can accomplish this by either using * in place of the number in the xpath to get all the contents of the node or using /*[name(.)=’number’] in place of the number in the xpath to get the data under a specific node.
  2. With the appropriate Role(s) and Permission(s) a Klipfolio User can add a Klip to a Dashboard in which of the following ways? Select ALL that apply.
  3. Ivan is writing an api query, and from the api’s documentation he finds out that the response can be filtered to only show data created since a defined date (using the “created_since” parameter). Ivan wants to filter the data that was created since the beginning of the month, and the input format of the “create_since” parameter should be “yy MMM dd”. What is the date/time function Ivan should pass to the “created_since” paramter in his query?
  4. Zeek is using the following Klipfolio date function to specify the “start_date” parameter in his api query: {date.add(-5).startOfMonth.format(“yyyy MMM dd”)}. If today is December 3, 2017, what is the value that is being input into the “start_date” parameter?
  5. Consider the following array of data: ARRAY(“apple”,”banana”). What function do you use to change it to ARRAY(“fruit”,”fruit”)?
  6. True or False? Klipfolio only offers dedicated Connectors (ie., for Google Analytics, Salesforce, Twitter, etc.) for services included in the Klip Gallery.
  7. You’ve written MAPFLAT function as follows to paginate 10 pages of a dynamic datasource: MAPFLAT( CUMULATIVE(REPEAT(1,10)), “api_page_no”, @A:A). The api query that returns @A:A correpsonds to https://somebaseurl.com/endpoint?parameter1=value1¶meter2=value2 &page={props.api_page_no}. From this api’s documentation, you find out that page number in the query must be of the format “page=1” NOT “page=1.0”. What function is missing within your formula to ensure it executes the pagination correctly?
  8. Consider the following scenario: You have a table Klip where column 1 has the following data ARRAY(“b,a,a,a,b,b,b,c,c”) with a group action applied. What will you see if you make a formula reference (!column 1) and a results reference (&column 1) to column 1?
  9. For the following label component: with these properties: What would formulas X and Y give you? X:!Label Y:&Label
  10. True or False? A Klip component must have at least one data source?
  11. A custom company property is considered a variable
  12. You can duplicate an indicator within the same sub-component.
  13. Which of the following statements are true about adding Users in Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply.
  14. True or False? When connecting to a SQL Database, an SSH Tunnel can be used to increase security?
  15. What is the best way to share a dashboard with your colleagues if they are not users of your Klipfolio account?
  16. Consider the following statement: Datasources in your KIipfolio account refresh only if there is an active session (such as a user being logged into the Klipfolio account or a published link being used).
  17. Which of the following customization options are available with Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply. (Duplicate Content))
  18. A user group is the same as a user role, the terms are interchangable
  19. What is the data size limit of any one data source in Klipfolio?
  20. Fill in the blank: You can have up to ____ Klips per dashboard.
  21. When you save a copy of a Klip, it duplicates the Klip and creates a copy of the datasource(s) associated with that Klip.
  22. Seema is an admin user of a Klipfolio account, who is currently setting up other users. She can get a user invite link and a link to reset the password from the user’s settings, which can then be passed along to the users.
  23. Which one of the following methods can be used to assign a value to a variable within Klipfolio?
  24. What Klipfolio assets are stored in the Library?
  25. True or False: Dashboards published privately require a password?
  26. Which authentication types can be used when creating a data source using the Web Accessible Resource Connector?
  27. Which of the following are true of Klipfolio’s Klip Gallery templates?
  28. True or False? A User can only be part of one Group.
  29. Igor created a multi-component Klip yesterday, which contained 3 gauges and 1 table. Today, he removed the table component from the Klip but after reviewing it, he wants to revert to the original version of the Klip. Igor can revert back to a previously saved version of the Kilp by going to the “View Recent Revisions” options from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the Klip editor.
  30. Consider the following scenario: Tass is creating a dynamic datasource where he needs to pass variable values to “start-date” and “end-date” parameters of the query. He can pass the variable values under the “Query Parameters” section of the connector as follows:
  31. Using the image below, what properties can you tell have been set for the map markers?
  32. Which of the following statements about this bar chart are true? Select ALL that apply.
  33. How does White Labelling in a Partner Account affect that Partner’s Clients?
  34. Consider the following scenario: You’re the owner of a paint shop and you’re making a Klip that has a table showing the number of one-gallon paint cans customers have purchased. You want to show the 10 customers that purchased the most of amount of paint cans. If you use the “Top” filter action on the column showing the number of paint cans, you need to apply the sort action first.
  35. True or False? The Indicators panel lets you apply colour changes to values, change the background colour of cells, and assign icons based on conditional thresholds.
  36. True or False? Variables can be used in data source queries?
  37. Patrick is building a pie chart Klip for his Website Traffic dashboard using Google Analytics data. The pie chart shows sessions per channel and Patrick wants to exclude the slices of the pie chart that corresponds to “Referral” and “Paid Search” channels. The best practice for removing these channels through filter actions would be to select their names from member list and use the exclude feature.
  38. Klipfolio has data sources (with country, state, or provincial IDs) for which of the following maps? Select ALL that apply.
  39. True or False? User input controls can control data in more than one Klip.
  40. When plotting markers on a Map component, these two data points are required:
  41. Seth is building a table component. Column 1 of his table has 10 entries and a hidden data component has 20 entries, how many rows does Seth’s table have?
  42. True or False? Once a variable is saved it becomes available to everyone in the Klipfolio Account?
  43. You can have multiple components in a single Klips.
  44. Keely is building a bar/line chart with dates in the X-axis, the input format of the dates is yyyy-MM-dd and Keely has set the output format to MMM dd, yy. If she uses a results reference to the X-axis in another component, it will show dates in yyyy-MM-dd format.
  45. When plotting region data on a Map component, which function is most commonly used to align data from the Region ID data source to the numeric values for each of the regions?
  46. Meggan’s ad agency has a Klipfolio partner account, which has 20 client accounts under it. In the parent account, Group A consists of users who can access the client selection and sign into a client as admin. An admin of Meggan’s ad agency can set sharing settings such that Group A users can only see 10 clients under the client selection.
  47. In a Klipfolio partner account, you can import dashboards from:
  48. Kaushi is the builder of a Klipfolio partner account, and has imported a dashboard from the parent account to a client account. She now wants to update one of the Klips in the parent account and propagate the changes to the client instance of the Klip. Under which of the following scenarios can she use the “Update client instance” button to do achieve this task?
  49. Which of the following customization options are available with Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply. (Duplicate Content)
  50. Stephen is a builder of a Klipfolio partner account, which manages 10 clients. Also within Facebook business manager, Stephen has permission to access insights of his clients’ Facebook pages and ad accounts. He wants to build out a template Facebook dashboard in Klipfolio, which he then wants to import to his clients accounts and have it configured to show their specific Facebook data. What is the best practice to create such a template dashboard?
  51. If a Klipfolio partner wants to build a template Facebook dashboard, import to his client accounts and have it show their specific Facebook data, is this the correct order of operations for the import procedure? 1.Create the custom company properties first 2.Set their valid values 3.Import the dashboard
  52. How many different ways can you manage the billing for your Client accounts?
  53. Users in the Parent (Partner) account cannot have access to certain Client accounts
  54. What are the different ways I can log into a Client Account?
  55. When importing dashboards or klips, the variables in formulas do not get imported
  56. In which of the following scenarios is DATE_STARTOF the optimal date function to use? Select ALL that apply.
  57. Consider the following array of data: ARRAY(“apple”,”banana”). What function do you use to change apple to *pple AND banana to b*n*n*?
  58. Consider the following scenario: Within your Klipfolio account, you have two variables with the same name, one is “Klip” scope and the other is “All Dashboards” scope and the variable with the Klip scope has precedence.
  59. You wish to convert 20171201 to December 01, 2017 using the DATE_CONVERT function as follows. Fill in the blank by selecting one of the following options: DATE_CONVERT( “20171201”, “yyyyMMdd”, _____).
  60. What is the difference between a filter action applied to “Values in view” vs. “Values in source”?
  61. In which of the following scenarios is DATE_IN the optimal date function to use? Select ALL that apply.
  62. You have a datasource whose column A contains date/time in unix format. You wish to display the date in the calendar format of MMM dd, yyyy but you also wish to include the hour and minute information (with a separator of :). How do you specify the time to match the requirement above?
  63. Yvonne is writing formulas using the following Klipfolio functions: COUNT_DAYS, DATE_ADD, DATE_IN and DATE_STARTOF. What is the input date format Yvonne should use to ensure the Date/Time functions are working correctly?
  64. Jieyi is building a bar/line chart showing the amount of new customers acquired by date and is using the DATERANGE( ) function to generate the X-axis between the start of the year and today. However, her datasource contains gaps for some dates. What is the function that Jieyi should use to align the data with gaps to the X-axis?
  65. What is the result of the following formula? DATEVALUE( DATE_STARTOF( DATE_ADD( DATE(“2017-11-15″,”yyyy-MM-dd”), year, “-1”), quarter), “yyyyMMdd”)
  66. Consider the following array of data: ARRAY(“apple”,”banana”). What function do you use to change it to ARRAY(“Apple”,”Apple”)?
  67. Can you use negative numbers in the SLICE function?
  68. True or False? You can use the Klipfolio relative date range expressions if the data source you are accessing expects the start and end date in epoch format.
  69. Zach wants to use the Klipfolio API to upload a file. Which one of the following commands does he need to use?
  70. You can add a user to a Klipfolio account without sending them an invite notification email.
  71. Shima is creating a Klip and wants to have a dynamic datasource whose query is identical to an existing static datasource. She should not change the parameters of the existing static datasource to dynamic ones or duplicate the static datasource and replace the parameter values with variables (i.e. {props.}). Instead, she should create a brand new dynamic datasource.
  72. True or False? The MAP function with the DATASOURCE function is used when a Klipfolio variable is used in the xpath?
  73. True or False? You can click on the “Selection Options” link for an xpath element to be able to hand edit the xpath for the element?
  74. Jason is setting up users in his Klipfolio account, these users can login to Klipfolio using an external application.
  75. What function would you use to get a list of the unique values in a data set?
  76. Which of the following relative date expressions would you use to look for “Start of the current year”? Assume this particular API expects dates in the format of yyyyMMdd.
  77. What function would you use to combine multiple true/false conditions?
  78. Which of the following are valid methods for creating data sources in Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply.
  79. Which of the following can be used to control both which specific dashboards are visible to each user, and also what Klipfolio features each user has access to?
  80. Which of the following statements are true regarding data sources in Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply.
  81. True or False? Any Klipfolio customer can publish dashboard links?
  82. You can include a Klipfolio Date/Time function such as TODAY( ) or YESTERDAY( ) in a REST API query.
  83. Which of the following general statements are true? Select ALL that apply.
  84. How do you enable the option to see the Klip resizing handle, which allows you to change the size of a Klip on the dashboard?
  85. True or False? Dashboards, Klips, and Data Sources can all be shared?
  86. Which of the following statements accurately describes the Klip Editor?
  87. It is possible to enable dark theme for all users without using custom CSS
  88. Which data formats does Klipfolio support when creating data sources using the Web Accessible Resource connector? Select ALL that apply.
  89. How often do Klip embeds refresh?
  90. Elvira has a Klip which is utilizing a variable; however, it does not display on the dashboard. What is the most likely cause of this?
  91. When deleting a dashboard in Klipfolio, which of the following statements are true?
  92. Kalyani is the owner of a start-up interior design firm and she likes to keep track of her home accessory purchases using Excel. She has built a Klip with a table component to show her most recent home accessory purchases, and wants this Klip to refresh as she updates her Excel file. Where can Kalyani store her file such that it refreshes automatically within Klipfolio and updates her Klip?
  93. Dylan is using a big screen tv to display 10 dashboards in his Klipfolio account. He wants to have more time to review a dashboard before it switches to the next one. He can achieve this by changing the dashboard switching option under his account settings.
  94. True or False? Bar/Line Charts cannot show negative values.
  95. You can reference the value(s) of a component in another component in the same Klip.
  96. Abdul has built a pie chart Klip which shows the number of sessions per Google Analytics channel. He wants to only show the channels which have more than 100 sessions in the pie chart. Abdul can achieve this using filter actions as follows: select the filter option for the values component of the pie chart; if a group action is applied to the labels, make sure the values have the correction aggregation method; set a condition filter to select values that are greater than 100 and check to see that the values in view option is selected.
  97. If you want to change the data in a Klip based on a variable then the variable needs to be in which parameter of the SWITCH function?
  98. When plotting colour data on a Map component, the map will be shaded from light to dark according to what?
  99. To use a variable in a Klip, you must have:
  100. True or False? You can create custom maps in Klipfolio?
  101. Using the image below, select all scenarios where the variable “tm_country” is properly used in Klipfolio. Select ALL that apply.
  102. True or False? In a gauge component, Indicators override colour ranges.
  103. DJ The Tassmanian is working on a Klip that lists his upcoming shows with a dynamic datasource and sees the following message: “A problem occurred while loading the datasource. Please try reloading the page.” He suspects that there is a bad dynamic datasource instance causing this error message. What is the process he should take to verify this?
  104. Which of the following statements are true? Select ALL that apply.
  105. You can pass the timezone as a parameter to the NOW( ) function.
  106. Which one of the following are valid options for the prefix of the datasource email address when using Klipfolio’s email attachment connector?
  107. You have a datasource where column A is showing a list of country names (where some names are repeating themselves). Do the function GROUP(@A:A) and the group action applied to @A:A yield the same result?
  108. You have a datasource where column A is showing a list of country names (where some names are repeating themselves). You apply a member filter check-boxes to include the following countries: Canada, England, Poland and India. When the datasource refreshes Brazil is newly added to it. What happens to the component using the filter when new data is added to it?
  109. Consider the following scenario. You’re building a table component showing dates in the current month in column 1 and corresponding sessions for each day in column 2 (from web traffic data from Google Analytics). In your Google Analytics datasource, you also have the channel grouping for your sessions (per day) and you wish to only show data coming from organic sources. However, you do not wish to have a visible column in your table that shows the channel grouping. How would you use filter actions to show only dates and sessions corresponding to organic traffic in your table? Select the best practice option.
  110. True or False? You can apply multiple filtering conditions to a component using hidden data.
  111. How do you define a variable in a dynamic data source?
  112. Which of the following is true of the LOOKUP function?
  113. Consider the following array of data: ARRAY(“Apple”,”Orange”,”EggPlant”,”Apple”,”Zucchini”,”Carrot”,”Orange” ,”EggPlant”,”Kale”,”Bananas”). What function would you use to replace “EggPlant” with “Brinjal” AND “Kale” with “SomeGreenThing”?
  114. The DATERANGE function can be used to populate an X-axis with all the dates between a given start and an end date.
  115. Which of the following date formats can be sorted in a chronological order?
  116. What are some constructs you can use to help solve the issue where the JSON data source does not have values for all elements and therefore the data does not line up correctly in the Klip? Select ALL that apply.
  117. Consider the following scenario. You can find the refresh info for a given datasource (including any errors) by going to the information section of the datasource and selecting the “Refresh Info” link from the options available on the left-hand side.
  118. Replacing “view” with “debug_info” in the data source url will help you do which of the following? Select ALL that apply.
  119. What function do you use to convert a date string into “epoch time” in order to perform a calculation? NOTE: Epoch time is a computer readable date string. It is the number of seconds that have elapsed since Jan 1 1970.
  120. Klipfolio lets you connect to how many different web based data sources?
  121. Which of the following statements are true about displaying Klipfolio on a wall-mounted screen? Select ALL that apply.
  122. True or False? A Klip must have at least one data source?
  123. Rupert has a 12 MB Excel file that he wants to upload to Klipfolio. He can do this by using the Klipfolio API.
  124. What types of data formats are supported by Klipfolio?
  125. Which one of the following are not considered a best practice?
  126. Josh wants to show websites and time on website in a table. He wants to set time on website metric to format as duration (hh:mm:ss). What should be the format of his raw input data?
  127. Shima is making a table showing financial data aggregated by month. The list of aggregations for one of the table columns only has count, count distinct, first and last options. What is the cause of this?
  128. True or False? Changing the scope of a variable from a smaller scope to a larger scope requires that you take several steps including removing, and then re-adding, the dashboard in question.
  129. Pick the correct syntax of the SLICE( ) function which removes the last row from column A.
  130. Josephine from accounting is writing a formula using the SELECT( ) function. She wants to select payroll data to match the following conditions: the paydates must fall within the current year and the employee type must be equal to full time. However, it is only possible to have one condition in the SELECT( ) function.
  131. Consider the following scenario. A user can change the default start day of the week when using DATE_STARTOF function when the unit parameter chosen is “day of week” or “week”.
  132. How do you define a variable in a formula?
  133. How can you get rid of column headers from a visualization?
  134. You have a table Klip set up and want to remove the header row of your data. You can do this by using the “Exclude” feature of the filter action on one column and SLICE function in the other column.
  135. What is the name of the header entry that should be used for authentication when using the Klipfolio API?
  136. Given the following datasource of reservations, …we want to create a table with column A being the name, and column B being the number of tables. However, sometimes the name is missing for the reservation, and we need to make sure that column A is not misaligned to column B. What formula would we use to do this?
  137. True or False? It is better to hard code dates instead of using relative date range expressions?
  138. How do you get the element names for a list of elements in a JSON or XML data source (such as the country codes in Facebook)? Select ALL that apply. Note: One answer is better than the others, and is therefore worth more.
  139. Himadri is an admin user of a Klipfolio account and is reconfiguring a Facebook Ads datasource made by Arshad, another user of the same Klipfolio account. When she reaches the OAuth token selection step, she does not see any Facebook OAuth tokens available for selection. This is because the OAuth token used to create the datasource is owned by Mitch and was not shared with other users.
  140. What is the actual limit to the amount of data that can be used in any one Klip?
  141. True or False: Full Screen Mode in Klipfolio allows you to automatically cycle through specific dashboards at a time interval that you choose.
  142. What are the assets within a Klipfolio account that can be duplicated?
  143. Mitch is building a sparkline component and wants to add a hidden data component to it. Which one of these methods can Mitch not use to add the hidden data component?
  144. True or False? In order for user input controls to change data in a Klip, the user input control must have a variable associated with it.
  145. Adam has an Excel datasource set up in his Klipfolio account. Column 1 of the datasource contains the names of new customers in the past month and Adam suspects that the entries of this column have leading and trailing blanks. What is the best function that Adam should use to remove the leading and trailing blanks?
  146. What is the default aggregation method for the third parameter of GROUPBY() function?
  147. Consider the following screen grab. The output format of the date pickers are set to Unix format. How can you use the filter actions to filter the bar/line chart?
  148. All of Klipfolio’s Date/Time functions return the results in dd/MM/yyyy format by default.
  149. Match the Klipfolio Date and Time Functions below with the common use case where you would use them.
  150. If you’re using the Condition tab in the filter action window, what is the difference between the “Match All” vs. “Match Any” options?
  151. Which of the following formulas is the best option for SUM’ing a set of values held in Column A of multiple Dynamic Data Source instances? NOTE: The possible values for the Dynamic property is in Column B of a 2nd data source.
  152. What is the correct syntax for putting a variable inside of a datasource query? (ie: a dynamic datasource)
  153. Formulas referenced by !REF are fully recalculated; therefore, no performance saving is gained when using !REF.
  154. In the data source shown below (which is a JSON data source), is “inferredCountry” a ​following-sibling​, or a ​preceding-sibling​to “timestampCustomer”?
  155. True or False? A User can be assigned to more than one role.
  156. A dynamic datasource can only have one dynamic property.
  157. Which of the following statements are true about “Roles” in Klipfolio? Select ALL that apply.
  158. Fill in the blank: You can have up to ____ datasources per formula.
  159. You wish to refer to the “All” option from the user input control in a formula. What is the correct syntax that should be used in this case?
  160. A pie chart can only have a maximum of 6 slices.
  161. True or False? the SWITCH function can have multiple case and value parameters.
  162. You can reference the value of a component in one Klip on a component in another Klip using formula or results reference.
  163. True or False? The Labels in a drop-down list are optional.
  164. Which of the following are types of user input controls? Select ALL that apply.
  165. Which of the following “units” of time can be included in the DATE_STARTOF function? Select ALL that apply.
  166. Adam has an Excel datasource set up in his Klipfolio account. Column 1 of the datasource contains the names of new customers in the past month and Adam suspects that the entries of this column have leading and trailing blanks. What is the function Adam should use to confirm this?
  167. In which of the following scenarios is the DATE_ADD function the optimal date function to use? Select ALL that apply.
  168. Prerna is building a bar/line chart which shows the number of social media followers acquired by month and wants to show two series from two different datasources: one to show the current year’s data and the second one to show previous year’s data. What is the function Prerna should use to align the data from two different datasources?
  169. How do you define a variable in the second parameter of a MAP/MAPFLAT function?
  170. Which non-date functions could be used to find dates in a given date range?
  171. You can schedule a specific time a datasource refreshes using the Klipfolio API.
  172. True or False? You can use DATASOURCE with Dynamic Data Sources?
  173. Keely has five Klips in dashboard 1 and wants to move three of them to dashboard 2. She can drag and drop the three Klips from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2.
  174. An admin of an account has access to the authentication tokens of all users, whether they were shared or not.
  175. Which of the following are legitimate ways to share a Klipfolio Dashboard? Select ALL that apply.
  176. True or False? Only Admin Users in Klipfolio can create variables?
  177. The following syntax can be used to specify a default function to be performed if no cases match.
  178. Take a look at the Data Source and Klip Below. In order to build the “Delayed Units” Series, why is it necessary to use the LOOKUP function?