According to the training, how should you develop pricing for high-, medium-, and low-impact pages on the launch pad website quote?

  • Review the prospect’s current site and make estimates on the effort required to implement similar pages based on your experience selling web projects.
  • Review historical performance of your team on past projects. Then find the average time spent on major pages, such as the home page, medium pages, such as the about us page, and small pages such as FAQ. These averages form the estimates for the high, medium, and low impact page pricing.
  • The launch pad quoting process doesn’t involve high, medium, and low impact pages. Rather, it focuses on the number of pages and the speed required to launch each page.
  • Work with your services team to develop out a process to use for each type of page. Once the process is documented, have the team vote on the effort required for completing each type of page.