Do You Want to be a Currency Trader?


A currency trader is an entrepreneur who makes a profit by buying and selling currencies on the currency exchange.

Do You Want to be a Currency Trader

Would you like to know how to become a part of currency trading? Then, this article is just for you.


Features of the profession

A currency trader can make transactions both with his own funds and with the funds of investors who trust him.

The purpose of such exchange transactions is to profit from fluctuations in exchange rates. In essence, in this case, one tries to buy currency cheaper and sell it more expensive. 

However, someone who makes such transactions from time to time, for example, to save his cash from inflation, is not considered a trader. A real currency trader makes transactions in the currency market all the time. To do this, he opens his own brokerage account or makes a deposit in a dealing center.

Professional currency trading primarily happens on the Forex market, i.e. international currency trading through commercial banks or dealing centers.

The work of a currency trader is full of excitement, which can be compared to the gold rush: it attracts many people with the opportunity to become seriously rich, and some really succeed.

The style of work on the stock exchange depends on the tastes of the trader himself. Some people like to play on the fall of the currency (the so-called bears), others – on the increase (bulls).

However, in order to really profit from the difference in exchange rates, a trader first analyzes the trends and tries to determine in which direction the currency prices will move in the near future.

Much depends on intuition, the ability to take into account not only the economic events of a particular day but also macroeconomic processes.

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How does the trader work?

A currency trader draws up currency charts and monitors events that may affect market trends.

However, there is always a risk that everything will turn out exactly the opposite: instead of the expected growth, the price of the currency will suddenly fall sharply, bringing losses instead of profit. 


A currency trader works on his own, without bosses and subordinates. The workplace may be located in the dealing center.

However, some currency traders combine trading with other work, which they consider to be their main job. They participate in the auction from their home computer or by phone.

Important qualities

The profession of a currency trader requires a good memory, the ability to concentrate and distribute attention, and stress resistance.

Knowledge and skills

You need to know the technology of making deals, to be able to track and analyze trends in the foreign exchange market. For successful work, you need to constantly improve your level of trading.

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Education of currency traders

The basics of trading can be learned in courses at a large dealing center.

The situation is constantly changing, and it is a real adventure. If you do not give in to excitement too much and do not risk your entire fortune, you can save yourself from fatal failures.


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