33 Revenue Streams For Authors – Even If You Write Non-Fiction



Most authors obsess over one statistic: the number of books sold.

They don’t see their books as springboards to other opportunities. Sure, selling a truckload is exhilarating. But for the really smart, savvy authors, only one number really counts: how many revenue streams they can create from a book.

Authors who haven’t published yet can start creating spin-off products from a book that isn’t finished. Simply tie the products into the topic of your book.

33 Revenue Streams For Authors Even If You Write Non Fiction

Here are 33 ideas to get you thinking about multiple revenue streams.

For Beginning Authors

1) Special Reports

These inexpensive PDFs, priced at $10 or less, allow customers to test the waters before deciding to spend more money with you. See Special Reports: Snack-size Samples That Offer a Tasty Sample.

2) Subscription Ezines.

Most ezines are free. But if your tips help people make money or your subscribers are in narrow niches that few other experts serve, you might be able to sell your newsletter.

3) Tips Booklets.

License Your Booklets

Print booklets, chock full of short how-to tips, can be sold individually for a low price—say $5. Or offer them in bulk to trade associations at a discount.

You can give buyers the option of getting the digital booklet. Paulette Ensign, aka “The Tips Booklet Queen,” has built an entire business on teaching people how to publish tips booklets and even license them.

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4) Templates

Teach people how to draw, build, write or create something.

5) White Paper

White Papers

Research a problem and explain how you think it should be solved. Sign up for Perry Marshall’s free five-day email course on how to attract customers with White Papers.

6) Cheat Sheets and Checklists

Buyers love these! Create several and sell the entire bundle at a discount.

7) Pocket Guidebooks.

Foodie’s Guide to New Orleans would be a perfect spinoff product for an author who writes a murder mystery about New Orleans.

Teaching & Training

8) Adult Ed Classes

Contact your local school district, City Hall, or tech school. They might love to offer a class on writing and publishing or a topic that ties into your expertise.

9) Guest Lecturer

In addition to your topic, you can speak at colleges and universities about writing and publishing.

10)  Cruise Ship Workshops

Host your own cruise. Teach about your topic onboard, market it yourself (the cruise line won’t), and sell it as a working vacation.

11) Speak on Cruise Ships    

Cruise for free, or for a significant discount, in exchange for programs presented onboard for the cruise line.

12) Home Study Courses

Great for the do-it-yourself crowd.

13) Webinars

Let people attend life, and sell the recordings.

14) Certification Programs

Certify people to sell a type of product or service.

15) Email Course

You deliver this via an email autoresponder after someone registers.

16) Public Seminar Speaker

Present your own content or someone else’s at seminars conducted by companies like SkillPath. You’ll get first-hand experience at how to sell from the back of the room.

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17) Inner Circles

Let a select group of customers buy special access to you by phone or Skype. You can also upsell them to in-person training.

For Author Experts Only

18) Brand Ambassador or Celebrity Spokesperson

Teach consumers about how to interact with a company’s brand.

19) Corporate Spokesperson

Go after companies that need the kinds of readers and audiences who love you.

20) Trade Association

Collect membership fees and offer high value.

21) Licensing.

License your own content to be used by others.

22) Expert Witness

Attorneys hire a wide variety of expert witnesses to testify on their clients’ behalf.

Branded Retail Products

23) Desk or Wall Calendars

Great for fiction authors, too.

24) Board Games

The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan board games, which have sold more than 18 million copies worldwide, are being turned into a book, proof that the book doesn’t always come first.

25) T-shirts, Hats and Accessories

Another profitable opportunity for fiction authors.


26) Membership Programs

You bill members monthly. It’s difficult to keep members for longer than three months, so offer high value.

27) Group Coaching

Offer this in person, by phone or Skype.

28) “Rent My Brain”

People who don’t need long-term access to you can rent your brain for an hour. At the end of their session, try to upsell them to a longer-term coaching or membership program.

29) Mentor Program

It differs from group coaching because it offers one-on-one training although you could include group coaching.

Publishing Services

30) Ghostwriting

Many people who want to write books don’t have the time or don’t want to learn how to write

31) Freelance Writing

Sell articles to print or digital media outlets.

32) Editing

Edit copy for newsletters, websites, articles, or blogs.

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33) Proofreading

If this is a new revenue stream for you, consider creating a profile at Fiverr.com. It’s a digital marketplace of vendors who are willing to perform a service for only $5. Many vendors try to upsell clients to more expensive services.

Those are my ideas. But I’ve only scratched the surface. What other products or services can authors spin-off from their books?


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