17 Ways To Promote Your Book with One Blog Post

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You’ve got the book. You’ve got the digital product. You’ve got the virtual training. Now what? Simple. Now you have to promote it.

With all that’s available online, you have a wealth of possibility at your fingertips.

You Finished Your Book, Now What? 17 Ways To Promote

One of the most effective methods for spreading the word, establishing credibility and positioning your message is through blogging. But it takes more than just posting on a blog.

Let’s assume you have a book you are promoting. Once you have the blog post completed, then it’s time to put some targeted effort into sharing the post.

The more visibility the post receives obviously the more opportunity to sell the “thing” you have for sale.

Here are 17 ways to promote your book with a blog post:

Promote your posts
  1. Rather than simply writing content for your blog, you will get much more traction by posting a bit of the content elsewhere in order to lead readers back to your blog postings. Send the first few paragraphs to your subscriber list with a “read full article” with the permalink leading back to the blog post.
  2. Post the permalink on social media. It’s likely you have several social media accounts. These are ideal places for you to position your blog posts.
  3. Take short snippets from your blog post and use those as tweets. Within a 5 – 10 minute period, you can literally write 25 tweets, if you simply take the content out of your blog post.
  4. Be sure to use hashtags to gain more traction. For example, if you have a book on dog training, you could use #dog #dogtraining #dogs as some of the hashtags.
  5. Post on Social Network groups you belong to that permit you to do so. Not all groups allow you to self-promote, so be sure to adhere to the group rules.
  6. Post the blog post to Slide Share. It’s amazing how quickly you can get hundreds of views for your posts on Slide Share. Invite readers to go to your blog to read more posts you’ve written.
  7. Post the full article on 3 – 6 top article directories. In the resource box you can direct readers back to your blog with something like, “For more articles by _____________ go to _____________.”
  8. Add your post to blog communities. There are plenty of locations that allow you to promote your blog post.
  9. Add images specific to the topic you are writing about. In the case of your book, an image of the book cover is always a great idea.
  10. Stay on top of comments posted about the post and respond in a timely manner. The more interaction you have with your readers, the better.
  11. Keyword optimize your post and headline. This is essential for getting the most out of your efforts.
  12. Add video to your post. More and more every day, video plays an important role in gaining interest and traction for your efforts. A short 30-second video can do wonders for generating interest.
  13. Ask readers to take some type of action at the end of the post. This could be to leave a comment, opt in for something, buy your book or simply hit one of the social media share buttons. The more you can get readers to take an action, the better.
  14. Have various ways visitors to your blog can get on your subscriber list. Offering something that solves a specific problem will generate more opt ins than something that is too generic.
  15. Put portions of your blog post in an autoresponder (AR) sequence leading back to the original post by way of the permalink at the end of the AR message.
  16. With high-trending topics, make the media aware of your post. You never know what can happen as a result.
  17. Include an invitation for other bloggers, media and those with a large reach to interview you for their podcast show, blog or be a featured expert on a telesummit.

Bottom line is this: your job is to do all you can to get the word out about your book, info product, or other digital product. The fact is you’re not selling the “thing.”

You’re actually using the “thing” as the vehicle for something bigger—your message. The packaging is only one piece to the puzzle.

Keep this in mind: if you don’t do all you can to get your message out, you are actually doing those who would benefit from your information a huge disservice. Unless they know about who you are, what you do and how you can help them, you cannot impact them in the least.

Are we missing anything? How do you promote the blog posts with your important message?

Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage is a marketing strategist and business consultant who works with consciously aware entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. We work with our clients to help them fully identify their expertise, their market (tribe), gain massive visibility, and package their knowledge into various information products and services.
Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage
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  1. Great posts! Going to make a TO-DO List from this!

  2. Kathleen, I recently discovered a site through LinkedIn – a connection posted one of your articles. Wonderful trove of information here! I have a question related to this article: I am a newby blogger, and am curious as to the etiquette of using another bloggers comments section to point back to my blog. This seems a bit spammy to me, but is it an accepted practice? Also, you mentioned blogger communities to share my blog in. Where do these communities exist? Thank you for your advice.

  3. Rosella Young says:

    Hello, Kathleen. Thanks for the 17 tips. Half I knew, half I didn’t. Great points and ideas. I don’t have a blog, but I do post comments on other blogs. However, with your permission, I’d like to forward your article to other small business owners in my local area. A lot of them do have their own blogs. I also mentor other small business owners, especially, those who are just starting out. I’ve been in the home-based business industry for over 30 years. This one since March 6, 2008. I’ve seen a lot of growth in the past years. In the last three years I’ve seen ups and downs. I hope next year is more of an up year. Another reason I like to read blogs is because I learn so much from others’ comments. There is a world of wealth out there that is beyond my comprehension. Usually the title of the article will tell me there is something to learn here. I believe that alone has helped a lot of my business growth. Thank you again. You are making a difference in the world. Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your shelf!