Situational example: You are tasked with generating twice the amount of qualified leads your company generated last quarter. With your company’s bottom line and return on investment in mind, what’s the most strategic avenue to choose?

  • You could invest more resources in the short term, exponentially driving up the amount of traffic coming to your site to increase revenue. This would increase the amount of people in your funnel and therefore the amount of people moving through your funnel.
  • You could increase the chances of your current traffic choosing to convert and move down your funnel. Over time, this has the potential to drastically lower your cost to acquire a customer and positively impact your return on investment.
  • ou could invest additional resources in your sales team. The more you increase that team’s overall job satisfaction, the more encouraged they will feel to make each and every sale count. This will have a positive impact on the efficiency of your funnel.
  • You could increase the budget of your services team. By increasing the amount of customers that retain with your company, you will need less net new gains to generate the desired level of revenue.