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  1. Hi Joan,

    This is an informative post indeed.
    You are right most of people don’t focus at the way they write. It’s always recommended that for every writer it’s really important to focus on such simple things described by you.
    I am totally agree with your points.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.


  2. I am sixty five years old and new to writing, The Hemingway app is so useful. Thank you so much for this post.

    • I’ve been around almost as long as you have, Steve, and I can’t believe I first heard about this one a few months ago! I’m so glad you stopped by.

  3. Good advice, Joan. I also suggest printing a hard copy of your words and read them aloud. Reading a hard copy will enable you to find typos much more easily than reading on a computer screen, and reading out loud will help you understand what your words really sound like to someone else.

    • Michelle, it seems like ANYTHING is easier than reading on a computer screen, and your idea is a good one especially for people who are auditory learners. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. As usual you have such great tips to share! I am definitely going to check out the Hemingway App. Thanks!

  5. Fabulous article, Joan! I only wish the Hemingway App was available as a desktop version.

  6. Really interesting post, especially the bit about keeping it simple. I work as a scientific writer, where we’re told to target a 9-year-old reader so that everyone can understand what we say, even when it’s very technical. Moving from that to adult fiction has been an incredible leap in writing style. (Some days it’s like having two boats, and one foot in each.) My writing sin? Passive voice.

    • Thanks for admitting your sin, Tracey. I can just see lots of readers nodding their heads, thinking, “Me too.” And I’m delighted to hear that you’re writing science articles aimed at 9-year-olds. So much science writing is way over adults’ heads.

  7. The Hemingway App is outstanding! Thanks for the tip, Joan.

  8. Great article, Joan! Thank you.

  9. Excellent “crash course” Joan. I think I’m guilty of all nine mistakes at some point or another. One word I detest is “utilize.” “Use” works just as well, if not better. Thanks for another outstanding post for The Future of Ink!

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