2012 Digital Publishing Industry Report



Curious as to how your peers are using digital publishing to promote and grow their businesses?

Planning to publish a book in the near future, but wondering how your colleagues are going about this?

And if you have already published, do you want to know what next steps your colleagues are taking to leverage digital publishing even further?

2012 Digital Publishing Industry Report

In our first annual digital publishing study, more than 1000 online entrepreneurs…including coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, and other small business owners…reveal how they are currently using and plan to use…

digital publishing in their businesses.

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A Quick Preview

Watch this quick video overview:

To understand how online entrepreneurs are using digital publishing, The Future of Ink conducted it’s first annual 2012 Digital Publishing Survey Industry Report.

Our mission was to understand the current “state of of industry” as it applies to online entrepreneurs and to uncover the most significant questions online entrepreneurs want answered.

Over 1000 online entrepreneurs participated in the survey, providing extremely valuable insights and information that just can’t be found anywhere else.

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In this free report you will discover:

~ The top 10 questions online entrepreneurs want answered: We analyzed more than a thousand open-ended responses and we summarize all of the major questions that small business owners want answered.

~ The benefits of digital publishing: This section reveals all of the principal advantages online entrepreneurs are getting with their digital publishing activities.

~ The top 3 used digital publishing/ecommerce platforms: Discover which platforms are the most popular…

and more!

If you are an online entrepreneur who is interested in leveraging digital publishing to promote and grow your business, you’ll want to take a close look at this 20 page report to keep you ahead of the curve!

This report is completely FREE and is available for you today…

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