Imagine your CEO says, “Why do we need to use Growth-Driven Design on our website? Don’t we just need it to look better than our competitors?” Which of the following is the best response to your CEO?

  • “We need to shift our thinking to view the website as an asset we invest in to drive company growth. Agencies on a 2017 survey reported seeing 14.1% more visitors, 16.9% more leads, and 11.2% more revenue six months after launching their website using Growth-Driven Design.”
  • “Our website is very important. GDD helps us organize and store all our content for our customers to access at any time. Giving them access to this content is very helpful and will likely help generate more leads.”
  • “You’re right. However, we need to keep the look and feel to be up to date with the latest design trends. The more pleasing the design is, the more likely visitors will like us more than a competitor. GDD is a great playbook to stay on top of design trends.”
  • “You’re right, the website isn’t really key to our company. It’s probably best to just launch the website and then refocus on other activities like direct mail advertising.”