How Many Books Do I Need to Sell to Become a Kindle Bestseller? [Video]

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Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 10.57.40 PMAnytime you’ve written a book, you gain credibility, but when you add to it bestseller status, it builds credibility and trust. You can put “bestselling author” in your bio, your tagline, your business card, etc.

Be aware, though, that all bestsellers are not created equal. Certainly, becoming an Amazon bestseller isn’t nearly as impressive as becoming a New York Times Bestseller – especially if you’re trying to get noticed by the National Speaker’s Association. But it’s still impressive to say you’re a bestseller – in any venue.

So, let’s say you want your ebook to reach Amazon Kindle bestseller status. How many books would you have to sell per day to achieve that? It isn’t as daunting as you might think – especially if you know how to select the right categories.

In this video, I illustrate a nifty tool you can use to determine how many Kindle books you’d have to sell per day to achieve bestseller status in the categories of your choice.

Give this a try with your book’s categories. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that becoming a bestseller is more attainable than you first thought! I’d love to hear what you learned as you give this tool a try. Please post your experiences below…

Marnie Pehrson
Marnie Pehrson, the creator of, is a best-selling author, speaker, and online publicist who helps Light Bearers build influential online platforms. Marnie is also a wife and mother of 6 and the author of 23 fiction and nonfiction titles.
Marnie Pehrson
Marnie Pehrson
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  1. I just found this post and this is great information. Does Amazon figure best-seller status hourly, daily, or weekly? Also, does this build over a few days? The reason I am asking is that I am re launching one of my books and it I have am doing this over a four day period.

  2. Great tool for authors – thanks for sharing!

  3. Great video…thanks. It explains at lot, especially about Kindle picking categories for you. I have seen a few strange categories come and go on my listing. Thanks for sharing the kdpcalculator!

  4. Hey, Marnie –

    Thanks for what, to me, is new info.

    Alas, your posting rewards me for surfing for interesting stuff instead of working on my deadline. So now you share some of the blame for my procastinating ways.

  5. Virginia says:

    I have hit the #1 in my categories, but can I really say I hit the Kindle bestseller list? I thought I had to get into the top 100. One day my book ‘All the Blue of Heaven’ sold 1200 in one day and I barely cracked the top 100, very briefly. My other book ‘Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits’ was a top seller in romantic ficiton for a few days, but it’s about 10K now. So, can I still use the term? I’m confused about the purpose of the article.
    But I didn’t know there was a calculator!! Very cool.

    • Yes you can use the term. I usually say my books are #1 in multiple Amazon Categories. For example, the Trust Your Heart: Transforming Your Ideas Into Income is a #1 Amazon Entrepreneurial best seller. It was also #1 in a couple other categories. It also made #1 Amazon Mover and Shaker … and that’s an overall ranking.

  6. Great Post! There are generally several categories that any one book could fit into, so understanding the information you provided here about choosing categories where you have to sell less books to achieve a high ranking is really important for those of us who would love to say “I’m a best selling author.” Thanks for the tips and introducing me to the kindle sales rank calculator – a fabulous tool!

  7. Wow! How come I didn’t know about this tool, Marnie? Thanks so much. I knew about ranking, but this tool is phenomenal and just what I needed as a resource for one of the chapters in my new book–and for the class I’m teaching. You ROCK!

  8. Hey Marnie! You got me curious about “Who Moved My Cheese”. That’s such a creative title.

    Thanks for introducing us to the KDP calculator – it’s a really handy tool and your video showed us just how to use it.

    btw – I subscribed to your YouTube channel too.

  9. Once my book launches I’ll have to try this out. The video on how to see how many books you’d have to sell to be a best seller was helpful.