5 Useful iPhone Apps That’ll Make Your iPhone Much Smarter


A phone is a shell. It will be useless unless you can install the right apps and know how to use them in your daily life. You will be surprised by the much people are doing on their phones yet their specs are way below yours. 

Apps are one of the ways to make your phone valuable. Apple Store has incredible apps for different functions including managing your time, taking notes, editing photos, and communicating, among others.

You can also pay someone to do homework through the phone, making your college experience more interesting. 

While apps make phones more functional, you do not download every app you come across. They will occupy space on the phone, making your gadget less efficient.

5 Useful iPhone Apps Thatll Make Your iPhone Much Smarter

Other apps expose you to security threats through malware and hacking. What should guide you when downloading an app?

  • Its value on the phone– why do you need the app on your phone? Is there no other app or feature on your phone that you can use for the same function? Do not download an app that will only fill the space on your phone. It affects the efficiency of your gadget, making it useless. If you cannot use the app without assistance, it could be time to drop the app. 
  • Price- how much are you willing to pay for the app? Are the functions or tasks you will be running with the app worth the price? You might need the app for one-off tasks or can access similar and better quality services elsewhere. Do not burden the phone will an app that will soon be useless. 
  • Alternatives- do you have alternative apps on your phone? Do you have other ways to complete the same tasks without downloading the app? These alternatives should drive you to download an app or stay without one. The decision to download and install an app should only be based on the value it adds to your daily phone usage. 
  • Reviews- what are other users saying about the app? Most apps provide a chance for users to rate the quality of services they got. The ratings come in the form of stars. The best-rated apps receive 5-stars. The reviews also include comments on the areas that require improvement. You should be guided by these reviews to choose the best apps for your phone. 

Constantly review your app needs to determine whether the apps are worth keeping. At the same time, delete apps occupying space on your phone yet are not used regularly. The phone will even recommend some of the idle apps to remove. 

5 Useful iPhone Apps

Here are excellent everyday apps that will make your iPhone smarter and your life more efficient. 



It is an organizational app. It allows you to collect files, documents, and materials you may need for your daily chores. The materials come in the phone of images, videos, text, and links, among other formats.

Evernote helps you to develop databases or folders for different tasks. You can search for files inside the app, making retrieval easier. With all your file and documents in one place, you can easily complete your tasks. 

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Documents and files come in multiple languages. iTranslate is a one-click app that will help you to decode the message instantly.

It translates audio, text, and images. If you are a traveler, you will never get stuck because of the language barrier. 

City Maps2Go

Whether you are an avid traveler or not, you will need directions at one point. City Maps2Go will get you to any doorstep you need for your errands.

It has the coordinates for all imaginable outlets in major and minor cities. It also gives pictures, making it easier to identify these areas. 

Sleep cycle

How many hours do you sleep? How well do you sleep? Sleep Cycle monitors your sleeping patterns. It will help you to improve your rest patterns and the quality of your life by extension. 

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My Fitness Pal

Every one should target to have a healthy body. How about monitoring your exercise routine using My Fitness Pal? You can track progress and find areas to improve. The results will boost your overall productivity. 

Your iPhone is only as valuable as the software you have installed. Get the best topics ideas in your next academic paper and the best apps to transform the potential of your phone.

Check app reviews before adding them to your phone to avoid a disappointing experience. 


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