Ali uses spreadsheets to track his clients’ budgets, manually calculate trends, and implement formulas to work out target spend. He also uses them to create the daily budget reports that he attaches in emails to his team. How can Search Ads 360 make Ali’s task simpler?

  • Ali can use the Budget Management feature to create budget groups, so he can specify a budget target and the ROI, number of conversions, or revenue target he’d like to hit with that budget. He can also use the in-built reporting feature to track performance relative to spend.
  • Instead of manually reporting and planning budgets, Ali can use Bid Strategies to create an automated bid strategy that will then adjust bids for specific keywords to maximize customer requests at the optimal advertising spend.
  • Ali can use the landing page test to test his conversions, making sure that he adds Floodlight or Google Analytics tags to all of the landing pages in the test. This will give him insights into which pages produce the best return on investment.
  • Ali can use the Budget Management feature to manage and report on campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords outside the traditional campaign structure. He can also add multiple labels to one object for even more reporting flexibility.