Anthony has a dog-walking business that he manages online, and he’s adopted Google Ads to drive more traffic to his website. He’s one month into his first campaign on Google Ads, now reviewing his conversion data to determine how his ads are performing. He sees that his view-through conversions (VTCs) are low. He’s not sure what VTCs are and what this data means Knowing which two facts about VTCs would help Anthony better understand his conversion data? (Choose two.)

  • VTCs are recorded when users interact with an ad and then later convert.
  • In conversion reports, VTC data are included in the conversions column rather than being separately addressed.
  • A view is counted if a person watches an ad for up to 30 seconds OR clicks on a part of the ad.
  • VTCs are conversions that are recorded when users view (but don’t interact with) an ad and then later convert.