Difference Between Kabaddi And Kho Kho


    Kabaddi is a highly popular discipline in India and in other South Asian countries. The best kabaddi betting odds in India from 1xBet can be used in order to make highly rewarding wagers on matches of this discipline. Yet, in this part of the world, it is possible to find another sport that on the surface looks similar to kabaddi. However, it also has some substantial differences with it. We are talking about kho kho, and some of its rules can be summarized as follows:

    • two teams of 12 players face each other, with no more than 9 of them present at any given moment on the field;
    • the players of the defending team face alternating directions;
    • no more than three defenders can be on the field at a single moment.

    From here it is already possible to establish a few differences which will be discussed further. The kabaddi betting odds from 1xBet India are definitely the best ones in the entire market and can create highly profitable wagers.

    Kho Kho

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    Numbers of players

    The first difference between kho kho and kabaddi is quite visible. In the former, teams have 12 players in total, with 9 of them playing at any given moment. It should also be remembered that when defending, only three members of the team may be on the field. When visiting the website https://1xbet.in – pre-match bets can be made on many sports of this kind.

    Kabaddi works differently. Teams have seven players rather than twelve. Also, all seven players can be defended when it is time to do so. This is in contrast to the maximum of three defenders that can be present on the field when playing kho kho. Speaking about kabaddi, punters can visit 1xBet to make pre-match bets and live wagers on many matches of this discipline.

    It is also important to note that defending kabaddi players are not required to face any particular side of the field. In kho kho it is mandatory they do so.

    Different origins

    It is also interesting to discuss the different origins of both disciplines. When it comes to kabaddi, the best place to wager on a multitude of matches of this sport is the 1xbet.in website. This sport originated from a practice used by warriors who wanted to catch enemies without harming them. This activity can trace its origins to more than 3 thousand years ago.

    Kho kho has other origins. It also originated from moves that were necessary in times of war. For this same reason, the activity that eventually evolved into kho kho was done with horses and weapons. Obviously, it was necessary to remove the horses and weapons in order to make the activity safe enough to become an actual sport. These kinds of disciplines are featured on 1xBet, where multiple outcomes can be wagered by the members of the platform.


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