How You Can Use Thunderclap To Promote Your Book (Video)



ThunderClap is a cool tool author can use to reach more people. 

You can use it to:

  • Build a book launch team
  • Promote a sample chapter
  • Share a book promotion or
  • Get the message out about your cause/charity

You can get started here.

With Thunderclap, you need to choose a supporter goal. If you don’t get enough supporters by your campaign’s end date, none of your messages will be sent out. So it is important to meet your minimum goal.

On Thunderclap you can start with a goal of 100. The main advantage of a larger supporter goal is that it appears to be a bigger accomplishment. However, you can raise your goal later if you want.

How You Can Use Thunderclap To Promote Your Book Video

Video Tutorial (4:12 min)

Examples of How Authors Are Using Thunderclap


Kim Garst

Brian G Johnson

Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki

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Other resources:

Facebook group that supports family-friendly Thunderclap campaigns

Platform similar to Thunderclap requires less support (HeadTalker)

Have you used Thunderclap or supported a campaign? If so, share the tips and advice you have for using it effectively below.


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