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Should You Sell Your eBook On Amazon? Pros And Cons

Rebecca Livermore As an indie author, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest decisions is whether to sell your eBook on Amazon, on your own website, or both. Amazon, of course, is a top choice for most authors, but just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean this is […]

How To Get Massive Traction From Your Kindle eBook

by Kathleen Gage You’ve done it! You just finished your first book, it’s up on Kindle and you’re anxiously waiting for the money to pour in. And waiting, and waiting and waiting…all because some “expert” told you there is a fortune to be made with Kindle ebooks. I’ve got news for you. If you do […]

A Free ‘Best of’ Holiday Ebook That Goes Ka-ching, Ka-Ching

by Joan Stewart Last month, I wrote about 11 Juicy Opt-in Offer Ideas Your Readers Will Love–alternatives to the not-so-glamorous ebook that you can give away in exchange for someone’s email address. This month, let’s resurrect the free ebook idea and give it a new and very profitable twist: a fast and easy end-of-the-year giveaway […]

How To Recommend eBooks To Your Library – 5 Simple Steps

by Shelley Hitz Overdrive provides an eBook lending service to libraries. I recently started using this service through my local library to read eBooks. There were several eBooks I wanted to read that they did not yet have in their collection. So, I recommended my library purchase these books. Very quickly, I was notified they […]

How to Use Surveys to Discover Marketable eBook Topics

by Nina Amir To produce a marketable book, one that will sell to potential readers in your target market, you need to write something those people need or want. However, often aspiring writers don’t put words on paper (or screen) because they don’t know what their potential readers actually need or want. In other words, […]

Six Steps to Take Before You Write An eBook

by Nina Amir Most writers simply begin writing the moment they come up with an ebook idea they feel is worth pursuing. However, it’s best to wait a moment…or a few moments…to focus and evaluate that idea. This helps your book have a chance of succeeding in the ever-more competitive ebook market. To give your […]

The Inside Story on Kristen Eckstein’s Astounding Success with Kindle eBooks

Kindle has been a hot topic for the past couple of years, and for good reason! Business owners are finally beginning to realize how being published on Kindle can boost their credibility and skyrocket their profits. Ellen Britt and I invited publishing expert Kristen Eckstein to share her expertise and experience with Kindle ebook publishing. […]

How to Conduct a LibraryThing eBook Giveaway

by Shelley Hitz Have you heard of LibraryThing?  If not, LibraryThing is a website similar to GoodReads where readers can review books, interact with authors, and more.  It is free to sign up as a member. One of the neat features of LibraryThing is they allow members to conduct eBook giveaways.  Unlike GoodReads where you […]

What’s the Correct Length for an Ebook?

by Nina Amir Someone once said no good book is ever too long, and no bad book is ever too short! That goes for ebooks as well as print books. But how do you know how long your book should be? Is there a correct length for an ebook? This looks like a simple question, […]

Three Things to Include in the Back of Your eBook

by Shelley Hitz When writing your eBook, one thing to consider is the content you will include in the back of your book. This is major “real estate” within your book that you can use to connect further with your readers. Here are three simple things you can include in the back of your eBook: