Feeling Nostalgic – How To Find Your Old College Friends Online?


When you’re feeling nostalgic and want to reconnect with some old friends from college, the internet is a great place to start. There are a number of websites and social media platforms that can help you track them down.

By using these tools, you can reestablish those long-lost connections and reminisce about the good times past.

Feeling Nostalgic How To Find Your Old College Friends Online

So don’t wait any longer – get online and find your old friends today!


Alumni Websites

One of the easiest ways to find old friends is by using an alumni website. Most colleges and universities have one, making it easy for you to look up where your friends are now, what they’re up to these days, and how you can get in touch with them.

By signing into the website through your college email account (you may need your student ID number), you’ll be able to access all sorts of helpful information about both past and present students at that particular school.

That means there’s no need to worry about whether or not someone graduated; if their name shows up on the site, then they’re a current student at that school. This way, you won’t accidentally contact a former classmate who hasn’t been enrolled in years.

If you’re having trouble locating an alumni site, there are other helpful alternatives. Web sites like Classmates.com allow users to search for people from different schools across the country.

While this is a much less direct way of finding your old friends – and it doesn’t help if they’ve dropped out or transferred – it’s still a good resource because you can find anyone who attended college at any point over the last few decades (depending on when the website was first created).

This means that even if someone graduated long ago and moved away, there’s still hope of finding them again!

Furthermore, many colleges and universities have official Facebook pages where students can read about upcoming events taking place at their alma mater, such as reunion planning sessions.

So if your old friend still lives around town, it’s likely that they’ll pop up on one of these pages eventually.

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Run a Background Check

It may be a good idea to conduct a background check on your friend’s name for the easiest way to find your old college classmates. People search sites like

Checkpeople and Spokeo allow users to access different types of information about a person’s identity, such as their age, current job position, family members, and other vital statistics.

This is useful when you’ve forgotten what someone looks like or can’t remember their married name (especially if they got hitched after graduation).

If you know someone’s last name and the state in which they lived (from their alumni website), it only takes a few minutes for these search engines to reveal where they are today.

Social Media Platforms

There are also several social media platforms that can help you track down old friends from school.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have large user bases and allow users to create detailed public profiles that usually include information about their current employment, school attended, interests, and other personal details.

This means you can quickly see where someone is from, what they do for a living, and even who else they know from your graduating class. Think of other social media platforms as well, like Tiktok.

While they may not have quite as large of a network as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, they can still be an excellent source for reconnecting with old friends because you never know where people will end up posting information about themselves.

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Don’t wait any longer to find old college friends! There are plenty of helpful resources where you can look these people up online.

Whether it’s an alumni website, social media platform, or background check site, the only thing standing between you and reconnecting with your favorite classmates is finding the right resource for your needs. So get started today – you won’t regret it!


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